What critics are saying…

Read what the Critics are saying about Cliff Falls

“A stunningly visual journey told with wit and humor that is anchored with a big heart and tons of soul. Cliff Falls reads with ease and confidence and has dialogue as fresh as your last conversation.”

-Sarah Skibitzke, Emmy-Award winning producer

“”C.B. Shiepe has done something we have never seen before. He struck a chord capturing the core of the ‘former child star’ syndrome. I sat up through the dark hours reading this book. It kept me turning the pages…and filled me with a sense of hope. As a man who has lived and collected thousands of genuine kid star stories, I highly recommend this illuminating and insightful work. It is that good!”

- Paul Petersen, Donna Reed Show/Founder, A Minor Consideration

“Shiepe’s writing is rich. He lifts the characters off the page and into our hearts by allowing us to hear their inner thoughts and feel their emotions. The same storyline in less capable and poetic hands could be cliché. But with Shiepe’s gift of subtlety, and a respect for the reader’s intelligence, the story is beautiful indeed.”

- Jill Fales , The Newport Independent

“A fast, cinematic read, I recognized myself in Cliff Falls. I didn’t grow up as a child star or a famous preacher’s kid, but when I laughed out loud, it was a laugh of recognition. You will find your own story told here too, especially if you were the football player pressured to complete plays, the A student with love measured by school grades, or the bookworm facing a daily quiz at the dinner table…. C. B. Shiepe has captured that experience and married it to our celebrity-centric culture. This entertaining, insightful book is the engaging result.”

- Charles Slocum, Writers Guild of America, West

“This book changed my life. The light revealed within this story helped me to overcome my own inner darkness where fear and shame have unknowingly resided for years. In uncovering the truth about our deepest identity, Cliff Falls has helped open my life to a new realm of freedom and peace. A true diamond in the rough!”

- Jeremy Rivera, Founder, RiverDreams

“Cliff Falls is a marvelous and deeply profound book that touched my heart and the very depths of my soul. For some of us, even though we are adults, we are still children seeking the confidence and courage to realize our deepest longings: fulfilling our dreams and making a difference in our own lives and those we touch. This compelling story illustrates the power of hope and a childlike faith to overcome adversity.”

- June Scobee Rodgers, Ph.D., wife of Space Shuttle Challenger Commander Dick Scobee, and Founding Chairman, Challenger Center

“Life’s most profound truths are often revealed through the simplest mediums. Such is the case with this remarkable book. Cliff Falls touches the essence of our shared humanity and points us, not only toward hope, but toward redemption as well.”

- Richard Exley, author The Alabaster Cross

“Cliff Falls is a story for anyone who has ever been lost…. In it we experience the triumph of freedom over fear and of redemption over restriction. An imprisoned spirit is released and we are challenged to consider our own constraints.”

- Brenda A. Smith, President Breakfast with Fred

“For a generation increasingly shaped by the shallowest of entertainment values, Cliff Falls is a timely – and entertaining – reminder of what matters most.”

- Bart Campolo, Minister, The Walnut Hills Fellowship

“A powerful and deeply affecting work, Cliff Falls is an amazing story of encouragement and hope for anyone who has a challenge to overcome. This is a book to be read again and again.”

- Naomi Rhode, CSP, CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame